Under Construction


Homad was started with an idea to build a brand in the real estate and housing space and over the last 2 years, we've experimented with Internet of Things and helping people redesign and renovate their homes. 

While those were lucrative opportunities, we found those were better served by others.

And in the last few weeks and months, we've focused our energies on helping making homes more affordable for people and making real estate investments more accessible and transparent.

Our old platform - - served us well but we have since moved away from it. 

Currently we're building our offering offline and will be eventually launching it online as well. Seeing the bit to atom nature of the business, we found it better to do it offline first. After all, you must go slow if you want to go fast.

If you would like to talk regarding what we're doing, how our journey has been, or simply say hello, drop a line using the form below and I'll get back as soon as possible.

Why Homad?

Homad is a portmanteau of Home & Nomad. Ever since civilisations have flourished, homes have played a vital role in helping people establish their roots. 

I want to help more people have a home and still be the nomads they always wanted to be.