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Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS / CBS), University of Delhi (DU)


I have an undergraduate degree in Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS) from the prestigious Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (CBS), University of Delhi. I joined CBS in 2010 with an All India Rank (AIR) of 51; The entrance examination was given by approx. 15,000 people at the time and was/is a combination of 12th board exam scores, a written test, a group discussion and a personal interview.

I graduated from CBS in 2013 with a first division in academics, a slew of extra-curricular activities & achievements, and a day-zero campus placement offer from Google India Pvt. Ltd.

Google India Private Limited

Professional Work Experience

I, then, went on to work with Google across multiple offices (Gur & Hyd), wearing various hats, interacting with an extremely diverse set of customers from all over the world (and timezones) and a relentless focus on customer pain-points and how to solve for them.


Startups & beyond!

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I like to build products to solve problems and create companies with or around them. My aim is to build a company that has a positive impact on peoples' lives, the environment/planet and the coming generations. To have a legacy that gives more to the coming generations than we have received from our ancestors.

Having pivoted endless number of times and worked on multiple ideas and ventures, I'm currently working on building a company on the intersection of Property/Real Estate/Homes, Technology & Finance

Or you could say PropFinTech or ProFiTech ;)

Interests & Philosophy

I'm deeply interested in subjects like circular economy, cradle to cradle design thinking, developmental & behavioural economics, mathematics, cosmological physics, art, theatre, literature, and anthropology.

I also like to ponder over life's mysteries, engage in meaningful and, more often than not, heated debates, travel to new places and try out new cuisines.

I'm also a(n) - Obsessive Reader; Compulsive Debater; Occasional Writer; Erratic Traveller; Certified Diver; Daily Meditator; CrossFit Junkie; Aspiring Yogi

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Cogito, ergo sum — I think, therefore I am.

Cogito, ergo sum — I think, therefore I am.